The Salon

The majestic Salon seats up to 120 for dinner or 140 if you throw open the doors to the adjoining Cake Room. With windows overlooking the terrace, it makes an idyllic Summer dining room whilst the addition of the open fire and candlelight offers warmth to a sumptuous Winter wedding.
The Salon is situated on the ground floor of Brympton House and interconnects with the Library Bar and Morning Room.
Dressed in shades of cream and gold and hung with paintings of Charles 1st and his Queen Henrietta Maria the Salon provides a stunning backdrop for the most important meal of your life!
One of the most stunning features of the Salon – which dates from 1640 –  is the ceiling plaster-work; reputably designed by Inigo Jones it features a massive central cartouche. The walls are panelled and painted in shades of cream and gold and the room contains two original mirrored panels which reflect the candlelight beautifully.